In the light of current events / in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests:
Restorative Yoga Practice for protesters in the US, free & online

Restorative Yoga is a simple yet powerful technique: it is working with gentle exercises repeated multiple times in slow-motion with a special (yet very simple) breathing technique. It changes the gear from sympathetic nervous system („fight or flight“ mode) to parasympathetic nervous system and promotes healing on every level. In this specific situation that means:

If you are protesting right now, your nervous system is constantly in fight or flight mode - which is good and necessary - you need that kind of energy in the current situation on the streets. But if that becomes a permanent state, it can be very harmful. E.g. if you went through traumatic experiences, and you constantly stay on that level of adrenaline and cortisol in fight or flight mode, you won’t be able to process the trauma, which might lead to PTSD in the long run. The same goes for anxieties which might drain a lot of energy from you to the point that you cannot think straight, let alone act.

The body remembers any trauma, be it physical, like a broken bone, or psychological/ spiritual. This technique is a way to dissolve trauma, slowly and gently and in an extent suitable to each individual. (We will NOT open any floodgates in this situation, but keep it nice and easy!)

Restorative Yoga is not just „taking a break“, it is actively promoting healing and restoring power and energy.

Of course there are tons of yoga classes out there on youtube and whatnot, but practicing together „live“ at the same time has a more powerful, nourishing and energizing effect.
Also I will put the focus of the practice especially on the current needs you all are having right now (you can tell me about it before we start if you like).

I’ve been teaching yoga since 15 years. I live in Germany, so we'll have to find dates that are compatible with all our timezones. If you are interested, send me a message to info(at) or on instagram